College Application Essays

Maybe you're operating under the misconception that you don’t have anything interesting or unusual to say.  Maybe you have a lot of thoughts but aren’t clear on what to do with them — which are the best ones to select and how to organize them.  Or maybe there are elements of your personal or academic record that require some explanation and a favorable framing.

We will unearth the golden nuggets — the stories and ideas that make you remarkable — then help you shape them and cut them to the appropriate size.  In the end, each essay will illustrate different aspects of your personality and interests.  The voice will be yours, only it will be the truest, most resonant voice you have heard from yourself — the powerful voice of someone ready for an exciting new chapter.  And you will emerge with essays that not only are a source of deep pride but give you the best shot at acceptance to your college of choice.

To learn more, contact us.  We're looking forward to helping you.